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For more than 30 years the Benchmark Group has been involved in the healthcare industry, through working with healthcare providers and medical aids in South Africa, as well as Globally participating in workshops related to medical innovations to ensure innovated best practices in our medical real estate developments.

The Benchmark Group's core business is not only to increase its medical real estate portfolio, through further direct acquisitions, brown field and green field developments, but also through property management of medical and commercial real estate.
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Why Medical Real Estate

Medical real estate is a niche market within the larger office real estate industry. Medical real estate describes buildings, offices, and campuses leased to members or organizations within the healthcare community.

Since 1993 the Benchmark Group developed and invested into medical real estate. The main attraction has been that technology advances in the healthcare industry continue to increase the life expectancy of an already aging population globally. Medical facilities plays an integral role in the well being of any residential community and does doctors serve their community for a long term..

Why Retirement Real Estate

Demand for quality accommodation among the growing numbers of middle- to upper-income retirees is swiftly outstripping supply. We are pioneering residential aged care development, not only in South Africa, but also on an international scale.

According to publications by the Deutsche Bank, aged care and retirement living are changing globally with focus on meaning and purpose for life after retirement. Staying ahead with development, the Benchmark Group provides integrated, continuous aged care developments that encompasses quality of living from retirement to acute hospital care.

Hennie Bezuidenhoudt

Founder & CEO

Hennie has over 30 years experience in commercial real estate with a focus on medical real estate. He is the founder and CEO of the Benchmark Group, an international ,as well as the Founder and Chairman of Orbvest Investment Committee, where he oversees strategic planning and due diligence for all property partners and proposed property investments in medical real estate across the globe. Hennie has served as managing director, director, non-executive director and chairman in a number of companies in South Africa and abroad. He has 35 years' experience in business leadership and a track record of success based on honesty and integrity.

Johann Jansen van Vuuren

Chief Financial Officer

Serving as Chief Financial Officer for the Benchmark group of companies, Johann joined the Benchmark Group in 2012. As a practising accountant since 1993, he gained extensive experience in new medical developments and managing of medical related practices. Johann is responsible for facility management, budget and accounting processes within the Benchmark Group for current and new developments.

Willie Oelofse

Business Development Manager

At the end of 2014, he left the financial environment that he served for 18 years, to move into Medical Real Estate development and joined Benchmark Group. He is also part of Orbvest a global investment company investing in medical real estate, where his role is the Global Due Diligence Manager. He has built financial models that analysis all potential deals, against specified criteria from the Investment Committee and does all the necessary due diligence to all potential deals, at Benchmark Group and Orbvest.

Johann Scott

Project Manager

Johann has joined the Benchmark team in 2017 serving as the Project Manager for Benchmark Property Developments. He is responsible for the formulation and delivering of new developments identified. Furthermore, he is also responsible for the overall maintenance and project management on all existing properties in the Benchmark Group.

Property Development
Expanding our real estate portfolio through medical facility precincts.

Our property development company finds suitable opportunities, qualify these opportunities and deliver on the prospective projects according to the high and specialised needs of the clients, hospital operators and managers.

Benchmark Property Developments provides a comprehensive and professional approach to the development of property, as well as project and property management. Rarely is a project regarded too small and irrelevant, or too vast and sophisticated.
Prop Dev
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Property Investment
Maximising long-term returns through property investment.

Through Benchmark Property Developments, Benchmark Property Investments owns a portfolio of medical real estate investments in Gauteng, the Free State, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. The main focus was on medical and commercial properties near or adjacent to private hospitals and medical precincts, where auxiliary and supporting services to the hospitals are rendered. Further opportunities for one stop lifestyle centers also exist in other parts of the world and Benchmark Group are employing its knowledge and skills into these markets to ensure long term capital preservation and stable income dividends..

Property Management
Look after your tenants and the building will look after you.

Benchmark Property Management specialises in attention to detail, ensuring uninterrupted services and maintenance of highly specialised equipment and operating theatres of our medical portfolio and providing the same attention to our commercial buildings. They deal with leasing, tenant coordination and installation, full lease administration, rental collection, reporting and facility management, and, preventative maintenance programs.

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